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Mayerhofer Agrar


Georg Mayerhofer is a proud fourth generation manager from Lower Bavaria with a family history going back four hundred years. He studied in Freising-Weihenstephan and rounded off his qualification with a master's degree in Renewable Raw Materials at the Technical University of Munich. Today he cultivates 300 hectares with 122 plots, which, according to him, can only be managed with the help of digital technologies.

Georg Mayerhofer cultivates his land competently and extensively, in 2017 he was the winner of the CERES Award for arable farming. He also keeps 1,350 hogs and operates a biogas plant. Georg Mayerhofer employs one permanent worker and, in peak hours, some temporary workers. In addition, he is a trainer and offers agricultural students an internship.

The farmer - who has an affinity for digitalization - describes himself as a bridge builder, the exchange with consumers for a better mutual understanding is important to him. That is why he developed field pictures for all his crops in addition to an app for extra information and offers field visits for non-farmers, for example. He actively maintains his website in order to sensitize interested parties to complex agricultural topics.

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