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MyEasyFarm - Precision farming software


MyEasyFarm is a French AgTech start-up based in Reims, founded in 2017 by Francois Thiérart.
MyEasyFarm provides a solution for farmers and cooperatives to use precision farming in a simple and networked way for greater efficiency and sustainability.

The start-up is ISOBUS-certified and exchanges data with agricultural machinery - regardless of manufacturer - either using USB sticks or in a connected mode, for true variable rate applications and automated traceability. 

MyEasyFarm also provides a platform for food sector stakeholders (farmers, cooperatives, agro-industry) to measure and reduce CO2 emissions and storage in agriculture by changing crop cycle practices.

As this website is a growing project, we are planning to have a Q&A section for this interview video. If you have any further questions for our interview partners, please contact us: